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  • Top Six Characteristics of Over 50 Life Insurance Policies

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    It is never too late to prepare for the inevitable. If you are over the age of 50 and still haven’t purchased a life insurance policy for yourself, do not despair. Over 50 life insurance addresses the need for seniors who haven’t secured a life insurance for themselves. By rule, traditional life insurance premiums increase with age. An over 50 life insurance policy ensures protection and coverage coupled with affordable life premium payments.

    • An over 50 life insurance policy promises guaranteed acceptance for applicants over the age of 50 but not older than 80 years old. Applicants are not required to undergo medical examination to be sold this type of policy.
    • The premium attached to over 50 life insurance products is fixed in nature. In addition to this, the length of payment for this type of insurance product is shorter than traditional life insurance policies.
    • Over 50 life insurance products most commonly feature free cover once the policy owner reaches a certain age. Most commonly, insurers stop seeking payment for those who are over the age of 90, while ensuring their policy are still in force.
    • Over 50 life insurance policies are unique in that they feature fixed payouts. If you factor in inflation, the value of a standard $30,000 coverage will not be that much in 10 to 20 years.
    • There are also life insurance companies that increase premiums based on inflation rates on a yearly basis. If you are confident that you have the capacity to pay it regularly, then over 50 life insurance is perfect for your insurance needs.

    Several companies offer funeral benefits option, wherein a huge chunk of premiums paid by a policy owner directly goes to a funeral company. This is great for those who simply want to secure funding (like docoop.com) for funeral costs so their loved ones do not have to shell out their personal money, thus lessening the burden for them in the future.