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  • Here are Top 3 Food Items that Trigger Excruciating Headaches


    You fall into a downward spiral when you suffer from intolerable headache and migraines. Apart from the obvious stress, fatigue, and dehydration that triggers headache and migraine attacks, did you know that you diet may contribute to the severity and level of intensity of headaches?

    As migraine triggers vary from person to person, we cannot deny the fact that the food you eat has a huge impact on the likelihood of developing headaches. Here are food items that are commonly associated with headaches and migraine attacks:

    • Cheeses

    Aged cheeses such as Swiss, Camembert, and blue cheese may be delightfully delicious, but they can be the reason for your pain too. The main culprit behind this is tryamine. People who do not produce enzymes that breakdown tyramine efficiently suffer from high blood pressure as a result of absorption of this amino acid into the bloodstream. Apart from hypertension, the main symptom associated with high levels of tyramine in the bloodstream is headache or migraine attack.

    • Alcohol

    Apart from the dehydrating effects of red wine that may potentially cause splitting headaches the morning after, one of its elements- flavonoids- cause mild to moderate migraine attacks too.

    Red wine varieties that carry high tannin concentrations are more likely to cause the increase of prostaglandins in the brain- chemicals that trigger headache. To avoid this, choose wine varieties that contain less tannin such as Merlot and Cabernet.

    • Cured Meats and Fish

    Cured meats and processed meats and fish products contain high levels of tyramine. As mentioned poor absorption and synthesis of this amino acid into the system can trigger massive headaches. In addition, cured and processed meats contain large amounts of nitrates and nitrates that cause the blood vessels to expand, thus increasing blood flow to the brain, and then causing headaches.

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