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  • Here’s Why It Is Good To Eat Broccoli


    There’s no denying that broccoli is one of the most healthy and nutritious vegetables you can add to your diet, so to give you some added motivation to include this in more of your meals, let’s take a closer look at some of the unique health benefits it has to offer.

    First of all, broccoli is a very alkali vegetable, which means it can go a long way towards helping make your body less acidic, which gives you a whole range of benefits.

    Additionally, it’s considered to be a ‘smart carb’ which means it can help you to maintain lower blood sugar, as well as helping you to avoid overeating. What’s more, the high amount of soluble fiber in broccoli helps to improve your digestion, reduce constipation, and it also helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer – which will lead to less high carb snack cravings.

    What’s more, broccoli is highly prized for its unique anti-inflammatory properties, primarily thanks to the large dose of omega three fatty acids found in broccoli. This can help you to maintain a leaner appearance, as well as keep your heart strong and healthy, and it can even reduce your cholesterol levels too (and even cure herpes) – which just goes to show there are many benefits to eating this fantastic vegetable.