• Chocolates
  • The best alternative for Oysters and Chocolate

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    Men who want to lure women into their beds seem to thing that there are shortcuts to make a woman’s libido work overtime.The old ideas of oysters and chocolate are for those who have the patience to sit across the table and actually get to know a potential partner – for those who don’t have those sort of patience there are always the supposed shortcuts like the legendary Spanish Fly Pro.

    As teenagers we here about this silver bullet that will have women throwing themselves at you, unable to keep their clothes on.

    Guess what gentlemen – it doesn’t work.

    stencil.defaultSpanish Fly is actually made from the crushed up bodies of Blister Beetles. Pretty attractive insects – but more known for their ability to repel predators due to the fact that their bodies actually cause a burning sensation should you make the mistake of putting one in your mouth.

    Yes, they will also cause a warming sensation when taken orally – the bad news is that the warming sensation only applies to the urogenital tract of the human male. Not the ladies. Basically it’s going to feel like you’ve applied chillis to your man parts when you urinate.

    Try a bit more and you could die. Insects don’t mess around. Apply a crushed Blister Beetle powder downstairs and you will instantly regret it.

    Spanish Fly ointments or additives in pill form just do not work – and they very rarely have the actual real ingredient. Blister Beetles are costly to harvest and are not usually farmed.

    You’s be better off taking the lady of your dreams for a great meal and then finding something to talk about. Romance cannot usually be found courtesy of something that has developed a way to make you stay away from it. Something called a Blister Beetle is not the recipe for romantic success.

  • Skin Care
  • How To Keep A Healthy Skin During Weight Loss

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    Losing weight reduces your risks of developing a number of health problems and will make you feel and look great. However, losing weight can have a negative impact on your skin. A lot of people who go through weight loss programs end up with sagging skin.
    You can prevent this from happening by avoiding fast weight loss methods. It is best to take your time and focus on adopting healthy habits, finding new foods you love and getting used to exercising regularly. Giving your body plenty of time to lose weight is healthier and you shouldn’t have to deal with sagging skin.
    Hydration is crucial during weight loss. Your body can become quickly dehydrated since you are more active. You might be drinking as much as before if you are making an effort to avoid soda and juices, which means you need to compensate by drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated means your skin will remain elastic during the weight loss process and shouldn’t sag. Foods rich in Vitamin B are also important because they can help with skin elasticity.
    Resistance training is important because these exercises can be used to target the areas where you have sagging skin. Resistance training will help you develop muscle mass in these areas. This is a good way to tone your silhouette and to reduce the appearance of sagging skin.
    If you still have sagging skin and cannot get rid of it after you lose weight, you should think about getting plastic surgery. It is possible to surgically eliminate sagging skin if you cannot get rid of it.
    You should focus on preventing skin problems by losing weight at a slow and healthy pace. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of foods rich in Vitamin B to avoid sagging!